10 Highlights of 2017

Furious 8 chase



Dinner at Fastcon

Each time a new Fast and Furious movie gets released, we push our fandom just a little further. Did we cross a line this year? Maybe, but participation in our made up conference held in our basement with BYOLawn chair seating continued to rise!



Ginelle on her first day of Kindergarten

Lots of milestones: graduation from Pre-K, first day of school, first lost tooth, and an exteremly short-lived soccer career.

Ginelle graduating from Pre-K Ginelle playing soccer
She's the one that looks ready for snack-time.



Kaylee on the climbing wall

Learned to ride a bike this summer, took up ballet, rock climbing, snorkeling, surfing and bridged to Brownies with her troop. She also placed 3rd in a karate tournament at her school.

Kaylee's bridging ceremony from Daisies to Brownies Kaylee first learning to ride her bike Kaylee ready to swim



Duke, Greg and Dean in Seattle Note from Kaylee about Greg's broken foot

The good: Greg's work required him seeing some cool places like Arizona and Seattle.
The bad: Greg broke his foot in June.
The ugly: You should have seen that foot!

Kaylee's get well card includes visual of what Greg's life was like those few weeks.


Pup Goals in Progress

Our Shih-tzu dogs: Bailey and Sookie

Wearing down Grandma Barb by continually badgering her for attention. Goals accomplished: sleeping 12 hours a day.



Selena and Greg with Doug and our favorite band JohnnySwin

Thanks to our friend Doug, we progressed on our #lifegoal of becoming besties withour favorite band: Johnnyswim. Concerts attended 5.5 … Dinner with the band 1 … Hugs recieved from band Undetermined (it's all a blur!) … Happiness from hugs recieved by band Unquantifiable



Selena recieving a graphic design award

Received two more awards this year for graphic deisgn. Unawarded joys include doodling fruits and vegatables, Instagramming lunhces, and spending too much time on Christmas inserts. It's … pretty nerdy.

Selena's drawing of a strawberry Selena's drawing of a mango slice Selena's drawing of a celery stalk


Hawaiian Vacation

Kaylee and Ginelle in Hawaii

The Robletos explore Maui, Oahu and round off their Hawaii vacation by relaxing at the Disney Aulani resort.


San Jose

Actual 1-person office at Netflix… or time machine?
Greg in a soundproof room at Netflix

Greg and Selena took their first extended solo trip. Selena had work out there, but Greg and Selena got to visit friend, stuff themselves with amazing food, go to wineries and tour Netflix and Google.

Selena and Greg visiting Netflix Selena and Greg with Ben and Rachel Greg and Selena with Michelle and Mario


Smaller Trips

The family at Hershey Park

Included Sesame Place, Hershey Park, Philadelphia, Long Beach Island, museums, plays, shows and concerts.